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Aviaton Introdution Page

Aviation Camp - Two or Three Half-Day

Aviation Introduction and Simulation Experience

This course is designed for those who are interested in knowing more about aviation and aviator wantabe; 

suitable for beginners with little or no aviation knowledge and enthusiastic aviators. 

The course includes 6 hours of aviation theory and 1 hour of simulator experience in our Airbus A320 Jet Aircraft Flight Simulator. Parents are welcome to join the simulator session.  All theory classes and simulator sessions are conducted by airline pilots with Airline Transport Pilot License.  Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students to ensure the best learning experience.

Topics covered in class include but not limited to: Theory of Flight, Basic Meteorology, Principle of a Jet Engine, Introduction of the Cockpit of an airliner and more. Certification of Attendance will be awarded to students who have completed the course.


2 or 3 days ;
1-hour Simulation Session (TBC)

Total 6 hours theory together + 1 hour simulator each

Class Size:  no more than 12 persons

Course Fee: HK$3,980 / head

2 or more enroll together: HK$3,500 / head

Language: English

Intermediate level  (for enthusiastic aviators)


- Good spoken english;

- Completed our Introduction and Simulation Experience Junior Class; AND

   Primary school


Next Class: please click the link for more information


10-yr-old landing without assistant in the end of his simulator experience, last part of our 3-day summer camp.

Basic level  (for aviator wantabe with some or no aviation knowledge)

Pre-requisite: Age 8 or above

Class: Please click the "enroll now" for exact time and dates



After Bank-in payment, please send the bank pay-in slip or bank transaction record by WhatsApp to us with your name, contact number, email and programme name.

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