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Flying a Drone

Parent-Child Basic Drone Course (6 -12 years old)

With the new technological advancement, drones nowadays are no longer limited for leisure use.  Piloting a drone will soon be one of the most popular jobs in our society and it will eventually make mission impossible in the past to become possible.  While many are still looking for the right channels in getting to know more about this new technology, it is time to introduce the “Parent-child basic drone course”.  A platform for us to learn and promote drone flying in a safe way.


Course Objectives:

- To introduce drone flight theory and make children aware of things happening now in the outside world.

- To teach children on how to follow instructions, comply requirements, and improve concentration.

- For children to acquire the skills on how to pilot a drone safely and individually while enjoying the pleasure of flying.

- Be part of the life planning for children and to nurture their interest of flying.


Course Highlights:

- The training facility is well equipped, and is licensed under the Education Bureau of Hong Kong SAR.

- All instructors are well qualified, and very knowledgeable with years of drone teaching experience.

- Flight simulation tool is used to ensure flight safety as well as to help children to build their confidence in drone flying training.

- It is designed to allow good interactions between parents and children, and create great opportunities to enjoy and learn new ideas together.


Course Summary:

- How to choose a suitable drone?

- Drone flight theory and safety knowledge

- Flight simulation practice

- Drone flight training

- Flying competition


Group: 1 adult and 1 child (6-12 years old)

Time: 2 workshops (3 hours for each workshops)

Cost: $6,780 (limited offer)

After Bank-in payment, please send the bank pay-in slip or bank transaction record by WhatsApp to us with your name, contact number, email and programme name.

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