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FAA PPL Bridging course

FAA PPL Ground Theory Bridging Course - with mock examination  *new

Please contact us for more details

This new course bridges our Pilot Ground Thoery students and other eligible candidates to FAA PPL ground theories.

This short bridging course consists of 3 evenings which is specifically designed for eligible students who had successfully completed recognized pre-PPL courses, emphasizes on the different requirements between CASA and FAA, covers subjects on regulations and flight planning. After completion, students should acquire enough knowledge to take the FAA PPL theory exams.


This course is conducted by an FAA-approved Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI).  After completion, students will be authorized to apply for taking examinations at the FAA-approved test centers, which makes it more convenient and economical to laid the necessary foundation to become pilots.

A fixed based jet simulator with 180 degrees visual with realistic instrument and overhead panels will be used to demonstrate relevant items taught during the course.


Entry Requirement:

 - 16 or above / Completed Junior Secondary School


Programme Dates & Duration:

 - 3 x 2.5 hr Lessons (To be announced)



 - To be announced


Tuition Fee:

 - HK$5,800 / Eligible persons* - HK$3,500

Please contact us via WhatsApp or by phone (28952747) for more details.

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