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Regular Course
Aerospace Basic Class 
Theories / Sharing / Simulator

Coming Soon in Feb 2023

Teaching content:

  • ​Aerospace related theories and knowledge


  • What is pilot?

  • How to prepare to become a pilot?

  • Pilot mindset

  • Problem solving skills

  • What is enthusiasm? How to increase?

  • Pilot career

  • In-depth understanding of civil aviation

  • Other ways to enter the industry other than cadet

  • Fun facts

  • ​Should I give up.......

  • or anything else you can think of



  • Experience the basic multi-crew operation in civil aviation aircraft

Date: Every Saturday, starts on 4 Feb
Time: 10:15 am - 11:45am
       1.5 hours each lesson

Class size: 3-8 per lesson


- Good spoken english; &

- Completed Primary school or demonstrate basic junior secondary science knowledge

Fee: HKD4,000 / session (4 classes) 

What will never be covered:

interview content and/or skills;

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Everything you need to know about Aerospace

regular class
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