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Parent-Child Basic Drone Course親子無人機基礎課程

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Suitable for 6-12 years old children 適合六至十二歲兒童

  • Ended
  • 6,780 Hong Kong dollars
  • Unit 06, 5/F, China Shipbuilding Tower, 650 Cheung Sha Wan Road

Service Description

Parent-Child Basic Drone Course (Suitable for 6-12 years old children) With the new technological advancement, drones nowadays are no longer limited for leisure use. Piloting a drone will soon be one of the most popular jobs in our society and it will eventually make mission impossible in the past to become possible. While many are still looking for the right channels in getting to know more about this new technology, it is time to introduce the “Parent-child basic drone course”. A platform for us to learn and promote drone flying in a safe way. Course Objectives: - To introduce drone flight theory and make children aware of things happening now in the outside world. - To teach children on how to follow instructions, comply requirements, and improve concentration. - For children to acquire the skills on how to pilot a drone safely and individually while enjoying the pleasure of flying. - Be part of the life planning for children and to nurture their interest of flying. Course Highlights: - The training facility is well equipped, and is licensed under the Education Bureau of Hong Kong SAR. - All instructors are well qualified, and very knowledgeable with years of simulator flying experience. - A professional flight simulation tool is used to ensure flight safety as well as to help children to build their confidence in drone pilot training. - It is designed to allow good interactions between parents and children, and create great opportunities to enjoy and learn new ideas together. Course Summary: - How to choose a suitable drone? - Drone flight theory and safety knowledge - Flight simulation practice - Drone flight training - Flying competition Group: 1 adult and 1 child (6-12 years old) Time: 2 workshops (3 hours each) Cost: $6,780 (limited offer) 隨著新技術的進步,如今的無人機不再局限於休閒用途。 駕駛無人機很快將成為我們社會中最受歡迎的工作之一,它最終將使過去不可能的任務成為可能。 雖然很多人還在尋找正確的渠道來更多地了解這項新技術,但現在是時候介紹“親子無人機基礎課程”了。 一個讓我們以安全的方式學習和推廣無人機飛行的平台。 課程目標: - 介紹無人機飛行理論,讓孩子們了解外面世界正在發生的事情。 - 教孩子如何遵循指示、遵守要求和提高注意力。 - 讓孩子們在享受飛行樂趣的同時,掌握如何安全、獨立地駕駛無人機的技能。 - 成為兒童生活規劃的一部分,培養他們對飛行的興趣。 課程亮點: - 培訓設施設備齊全,並獲得香港特別行政區教育局許可。 - 所有教練都非常合格,並且知識淵博,擁有多年教導無人機飛行經驗。 - 使用專業的飛行模擬工具,確保飛行安全,幫助孩子建立對無人機飛行訓練的信心。 - 它旨在讓父母和孩子之間進行良好的互動,並創造很好的機會一起享受和學習新想法。 課程內容: - 如何選擇合適的無人機? - 無人機飛行理論和安全知識 - 飛行模擬練習 - 無人機飛行訓練 - 飛行比賽 團體:1 名成人和 1 名兒童(6-12 歲) 時間:2個工作坊(每個工作坊3小時) 費用:港幣6,780 (限時優惠)

Contact Details

  • Unit 06, 5/F, China Shipbuilding Tower, 650 Cheung Sha Wan Road

    Kai Tak Aviation Education Limited 啟德航空教育

    (+852)2895 2747

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