Jet Aircraft Flight Simulator Sessions

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Take control of our Jet simulator with unparalleled 180 degree wrap around vision, essential to an immersive experience. All our controls and switches in the simulator are also physical switches unlike many others which have just a touch screen. To get an even more realistic flight, you would need to go into a full motion simulator at an airline!

All our simulator experiences include pre brief to give tips on what to expect and what to look at. This way, minimum time is wasted in the simulator. Being partnered with an experienced Airline Captain with more than 10,000 hours of experience is also available on request 


All sessions are conducted by an Airbus typed rated pilot.


Standard packages listed below, custom made sessions tailored to your requests are also available.


40 minutes with 25 minutes briefing: $1,700;

In addition to the fun of flying around Hong Kong, you will venture further afield to Macau, where you’ll land on runway 34 with the city in the background, stunning.


60 minutes with 30 minutes briefing: $2,500;

Start the aircraft engines yourself and watch how everything is controlled by the FADEC. Take off on Runway 07R and practise some manual flying over Victoria Harbour. Warm yourself up with landings with the aid of Instrument Landing System ILS into Hong Kong. If that proves to be too easy for you, it’s time to increase the level of challenge. An approach and landing into Macau, but this time on the challenging runway 16, where a successful landing is fully reliant on your handing and decision making. This is one of the more difficult runways to land on around the Hong Kong area, are you up for it?


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Please contact us by inbox, phone or whatsapp on 28952747 for further details