Cadet Pilot Preparation Course

Application Closed

There are only a few ways to become a pilot in Hong Kong. One of which is to be awarded a cadetship with one of the airlines in the territory, however there is strong competition for these coveted spots. We have access to many of those who have trodden this path, and this course will be for them to pass on their valuable experience and knowledge.  Not only will this course prepare candidates with the required knowledge, it also opens the door to begin understanding and appreciating the mindset of a pilot. As a part of this course, the A320 simulator will give potential candidates the chance to be exposed to the operation of various aircraft systems.


Entry Requirement: Completed the Kai Tak Aviation’s Pilot Ground Theory Course
Duration: 12 lessons
Program Start Date: 08/10/2019 (Tuesday)
Time: Tuesday and Thursday ;
19:00 - 21:30
Tuition Fee: HK$16,800
Payment Method: Paypal (Scroll down this page)
Online Bank Transfer (Hang Seng Bank)*
239-579949-883 (Kai Tak Aviation)

*Please send the bank pay-in slip or bank transaction record by email to with your name, contact number, email and programme name.